Una grande città dove le musiche del mondo e le diverse culture convivono e si miscelano. Le origini della sua famiglia si estendono addirittura dall’Italia alla Nuova Zelanda e nella sua musica, un folk urbano dai sapori jazz europei ed orientali con influenze klezmer. Joanna è una polistrumentista, scrive e canta le sue canzoni, ispirandosi a Leonard Coen, Joni Mitchell e Joanna Newsom.

Il suo secondo album, "Contraries”, è stato acclamato dal pubblico e dalla critica, che ha esaltato la sua capacità di percorrere con estrema originalità e ironia generi musicali così lontani tra loro.

Quest’anno sono arrivati riconoscimenti importanti: il primo premio nella categoria “Best Acousti Song” del prestigioso IMA Songwriting Award. Joanna si è così aggiudicata una borsa di sviluppo professionale da parte del Governo Canadese, attraverso la quale ha cominciato la realizzazione di un nuovo disco “Love me deeply”, la cui uscita è prevista per l’autunno e di cui ascolteremo in anteprima alcune canzoni durante il tour italiano.


Winner of the 2010 Independent Music Award for best acoustic song,  JOANNA CHAPMAN-SMITH has played concerts and festivals from Australia to Denmark.  Since setting out as a solo performer in 2006, she has performed in over one hundred cities on four continents, while her critically acclaimed release CONTRARIES has received airplay in more than fifteen countries. Her third European tour is slated for Spring 2012, with other dates scheduled for Canadian and American cities.

Joanna developed her cosmopolitan tastes growing up in multicultural Toronto in a family with Italian-American, New Zealand and Brazilian roots and a well-nurtured thirst for new cultural experiences is unmistakable in Joanna's music.  In addition to jazz, folk and classical, her songs also show the influence of many other musical forms, from klezmer and Balkan choral music to tango and flamenco.  She is a skilled guitarist, pianist, and clarinetist, but her live shows also feature other, less conventional instruments, many of her own creation. 

These elements all help distinguish Joanna from other talented young singer-songwriters, but what truly sets her apart is the voice.  It's an extraordinary instrument, crystalline and strong, which Joanna guides effortlessly through a nearly four-octave range. 

Joanna's rare vocal skills are on full display in her upcoming album, LOVE ME DEEPLY, scheduled for release in October 2012.  Ironically, the original inspiration for the album was Joanna's fear that she might lose her voice altogether.  In 2008, she experienced persistent throat pain and for several weeks her voice was reduced to a whisper.  With medical aid the problem was soon solved, but the experience inspired several songs on the theme of losing and reclaiming one's "voice," one's personal identity. 

Co-produced by Joanna and Mat Martin (Kirsty McGee, Quiet Loner), LOVE ME DEEPLY features ten original compositions. The album was recorded in Vancouver and features some of the city's best players, including Albert St. Albert (Nina Simone) and Jaron Freeman-Fox on an imaginative and groovy reworking of the jazz standard "Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good to You?". LOVE ME DEEPLYis the finest work to date from a performer on the rise.

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