Tim Grimm ha suonato e collaborato col suo grande idolo e amico Ramblin Jack Elliot, ha recitato al fianco di Harrison Ford e ha diviso il palco con il poeta Wendell Berry. Il suo album The Back Fields è stato votato come il migliore album di “americana” nel 2006. Nel 2000 il Chicago Sun lo ha definito miglior scoperta dell’anno e nel 2004 è stato eletto miglior voce maschile dal circuito radiofonico americano di roots music.  Tanti premi e riconoscimenti per un artista che ha visto tutti i suoi ultimi dischi raggiungere la cima delle classifiche di musica folk e roots. Il suo genere spazia dal folk al country, mantenendo una forte matrice rurale sia nei testi che nell’accompagnamento delle canzoni. La sua calda voce da narratore si circonda di strumenti tradizionali come la fisarmonica, le chitarre e il violino. Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie, John Prine e lo Springsteen di Nebraska sono i paragoni che la critica muove spesso nei suoi confronti. Dopo alcuni anni passati a Los Angeles, dove ha lavorato moltissimo come attore, Tim Grimm è ritornato nella sua fattoria di 80 acri nell’Indiana, per dedicarsi alla musica e alla sua famiglia. Un altro grande songwriter dell’Indiana è John Mellencamp, di cui spesso Grimm propone alcune canzoni dal vivo. I dischi di Grimm sono piccole perle, semplici e diretti, impreziosite dalla chitarra di Jason Wilber (chitarrista di John Prine) e dalla voce di Krista Detor, che si intreccia a meraviglia con la sua, creando delle armonie suggestive e sospese. 


Tim Grimm has toured and recorded with his friend,  Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, appeared with Harrison Ford in the film Clear and Present Danger, and has shared the stage with writer and poet Wendell Berry. His recording, The Back Fields was named Best Americana Album in the 2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards in Los Angeles (the largest and most diverse music awards in the world). Named 2000’s “BEST DISCOVERY in Roots/Americana Music” by The Chicago Sun-Times,  and “2004 MALE ARTIST of The Year” by the Freeform American Roots DJs, his songs and performances have established him as a unique voice in Americana music.  Each of his past 5 recordings have reached the top of the Folk or American-roots charts. Grimm walks the fine line between folk and country, while maintaining a strong footing in tradition.  We hear the rural rumblings that have shaped his life, but we are also invited in to a bigger picture, as evident in so much of his work. Critics searching for comparisons most often cite Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie and (Nebraska era) Bruce Springsteen.  Tim is an award-winning songwriter, and actor on stage and screen .  After several years working in Los Angeles (where he co-starred for 2 seasons on the NBC drama Reasonable Doubts and appeared in several films), Tim returned home to Indiana.  He grew up in the woods and small town settings of southern Indiana, son of schoolteachers and grandson of farmers, and his return home was a conscious choice to live a life of significance rather than one of “success’. He now lives with his wife and sons on an 80 acre farm close to where he grew up. Tim’s songs are full of the rural rumblings that have shaped his life—rich with descriptive details, and sung with warmth and intimacy—recognizing the inextinguishable national romance with the idea of the family farm and the vanishing landscape of rural America.  In 2007, Grimm put together a concept cd with several of the Midwest’s finest songwriter’s— Krista Detor, Carrie Newcomer, Tom Roznowski, and Michael White. The recording, Wilderness Plots, was drawn from the short stories of noted author, Scott Russell Sanders, and explored the settling of the American Wilderness in the Ohio River Valley Region between The Revolutionary War and The Civil War. Two PBS programs have explored Wilderness Plots-- the first, a documentary on the story and song, and the second a full Wilderness Plots- In Concert (2012). Produced by WTIU in Bloomington, IN, both productions were nominated for EMMY AWARDS.

Tim has performed in theatres and coffeehouses around the United States, as well as significant Festivals, including the Kerrville Folk Festival, Wildflower Festival, Fox Valley, GambleFest, the Pawtucket Arts Festival, the Indiana Festival at Conner Prairie and he hosts The Americana Music Series and Americana Downtown in Indiana. Still very active on stage and onscreen, Tim's most recent projects include guest spots on television's, CHICAGO CODE and DETROIT 187, and work on the upcoming feature film, AT ANY PRICE,  with director, Ramin Bahrani and starring Dennis Quaid and Zac Effron. In 2012 he has  appeared onstage in The Indiana Repertory Theatre production of GOD OF CARNAGE and a new theatrical concert piece-- FOREVER SUNG- songs about aging--at The Phoenix Theatre.

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