The Tarantula Waltz may be one of the Swedish music scene's better kept secrets. The man behind the moniker is Markus Svensson, one of Sweden most talented singer/songwriters. Whether seen and heard on stage as the proverbial guitar picking bard solo act or in a full-blown band context, Svensson is always delivering the goods.

With two full length albums to his name so far the Stockholm musician is right now in the final stages of completing his third outing entitled Tinderstick Neck, with a tentative release set for the first half of 2013. The main body of the new album was recorded live in an old school house in the Stockholm archipelago in two sessions some months apart in the fall of 2011 and the winter of 2012. It was soon evident that this time around it would be appropriate, even necessary, to use the band-term to describe the newly emerging Tarantula Waltz Mk 3.

Whereas on the two previous albums Svensson had invited the friends, musicians and singers the songs seemed to need, this time he formed a trio consisting of himself, bass player Petter Södrin and drummer Per Andersson as the nucleus of a future steady touring as well as recording band. With guitar player Mathias Johansson and keyboard wizard Fredrik Hermansson joining ranks during the sessions the new powerhouse quintet was complete.

Svensson has crafted some of his best material to date with the eleven songs comprising the new album. While not entirely stepping out of his usual Americana-tinged idiom Svensson treads paths he has not travelled before with a somewhat somber as well as heavier and, however peculiar that may sound, at the same time also airier sound. Guest appearances by outstanding chantuese Idiot Wind and two-thirds of Swedish folk trio sensation Nordic in no small way generously contributing to this.

The time has come for The Tarantula Waltz to step out of the shadowy and darkly lit house left and join fellow countrymen Tallest Man On Earth and Jose Gonzalez in the spotlight centre of stage.

Last year Markus did two very successful European tours and one as support for Iron & Wine he was also together with The Tallest Man On Earth nominated as the best singersongwriter in Sweden. 

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