White soul music for modern times.
Potrebbe essere definita così la musica di Kreg Viesselman, americano “adottato” artisticamente dalla Norvegia dove ha registrato il suo ultimo disco To The Mountain, pubblicato in Italia da Appaloosa Records. “Just bring whatever notebook you've been carrying lately, and your guitar. I am sure that will do / Porta con te un quaderno per gli appunti e la tua chitarra. Vedrai che accadrà”. Queste sono le parole che Bjarne Stensli disse a Viesselman alcuni mesi dopo la realizzazione di Lose Your Light (Sony 2012), quando Kreg entrò in studio senza alcun materiale né idee pronte per una session di registrazione. Fu così che iniziò a suonare e comporre di getto e in quella Session del 2012, in poco più di un’ora, videro la luce Crazy Horse, David, Garland e The Inefficiency Waltz, che costituiranno l’ossatura di To The Mountain. Passeranno ancora tre anni prima che questa cult session, alla quale partecipò anche il leggendario Kjartan Kristiansen (Dum Dum Boys, Jonas Alaska, Stein Torleif Bjella), si materializzerà in un disco. Dopo questo primo step in studio è innegabile che un ruolo decisivo nella poetica di Kreg sia stato svolto dal paesaggio scandinavo e questo lo si può percepire sia dai testi ma anche e soprattutto dalla musica, intenta a creare un’atmosfera eterea, che ci ricorda l’aria fresca e cristallina del mattino. Per citare un episodio su tutti, per capire l’influenza che la natura ha sul processo compositivo, basti pensare che per completare le canzoni Viesselman ha invitato tutta la band a spendere un’intera settimana nei boschi norvegesi dove tutti i musicisti si sono messi in ascolto della natura da cui hanno tratto respiro le note dell’album. L’album è prodotto da Kjartan Kristiansen e Bard Ingerbrigten e vede la partecipazione di importanti musicisti della scena scandinava e Peter O’Toole degli Hot House Flowers al bozouki. Cresciuto alla scuola di Ray LaMontagne, con un ottimo seguito di fans in Olanda, Germania e Italia, le canzoni di Viesselman viaggiano nel sottile confine che separa i grandi del soul (Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye ma anche Van Morrison) dai maestri del folk come Dylan, Tim
Buckley o Tim Hardin.
Chitarre acustiche e pianoforte come si faceva negli anni Settanta, ma con una voce calda e "nera" davvero senza tempo. To the Mountain è un grande ritorno che si avvicina alla potenza e alla dolcezza del suo più grande capolavoro, il suo disco d’esordio The Pull. Kreg Viesselman sarà in tour in Italia a gennaio per presentare il suo nuovo disco e tutti i concerti saranno aperti dal cantautore siciliano Marco Corrao.


After the release of his critically acclaimed album “The Pull”, Kreg retreated from touring and recording for four years, during that time relocating permanently in Europe.  Then in 2012 his latest record, “If You Lose Your Light” was released by Columbia/Sony Norway.

As before, it is his tremendous voice that first commands the listener's attention, with his new material and backing band helping to showcase a greater focus on more colorful melodies and a warmer delivery.

To experience his live show is to take in not only a master of delivery at work, but to be invited into an intimate and brightly lit space where you are constantly surprised by the subtle detail in his work, painted in earthen tones, but revealing great contrasts. It’s nakedness yet striking completeness have you transfixed from the moment he opens his mouth - "a soul-deep session of primal therapy", as Mike Butler of "Dyverse Music" described it.

It has been called "soul" and "folk", for want of better terms, but "spirit music indeed", as the aforementioned journalist described it, perhaps hits nearer the mark. But whatever one calls it, hearing Kreg Viesselman sing is an intense experience. He deals with humanity in its basic and most instinctive forms, in a style that belies a deep human intelligence and wry wit. His is a narrative voice, at once both brutal and touching, which deserves its place in the canon of great American songwriters.


"Viesselman was a revelation...To see Viesselman perform is to partake in a soul-deep session of primal therapy...This was spirit music indeed, and came from deep within." -Dyverse Music

"****...deep, intense and literary....a masterpiece...if you don't believe, just listen." — Buscadero Magazine, Italy

"One of the few albums which warrants the listener to hanging onto the artist's every single word..without exception i found every song totally engrossing...viesselman is an incisive writer who uses dazzling imagery...there are so many highlights it almost seems unfair to spotlight just one" — Maverick Magazine

"I turn my head in disbelief when somebody like Kreg Viesselman appears out of the blue...embraced by DJs and critics alike. The music bizz suddenly seems to make a bit more sense to me!" — J.B., Insurgent Country

"It looked like he came from out of the nowhere, all of a sudden there was this beautiful album The Pull...who is Kreg Viesselman?" - Heaven Magazine, Holland 

"Rarley does a talent so exceptional and unique come along; this man deserves to be heard." — Blues Matters

"Enchanting simplicity...I really believe him when he sings." — Acoustic Magazine

"This guy is goood. He is writing some great stuff." — Taj Mahal

"Viesselman's songs have a sage, hardened pathos that's hardly pretty-boy stuff. It's not exactly what he says, but how he says it, wherein the genuine power lies. He delivers silvery, potent lines that are killer in substance. No disappointment here, Viesselman has a charmed beauty all his own." — Dirty Linen

"Revelatory. In short, Kreg Viesselman is a somewhat gruff voiced singer whose great strength is the ability to craft story songs which combine honest emotions with poetic, yet accessible, language. A damn fine guitarist and harmonica player." — The Green Man Review, Portland, Maine 

"Stunning." —

"Viesselman's blue-eyed country-fried soul resides in that special realm that seems to defy the sands of time. Viesselman provides the perfect example here for young songwriters who are looking for the high road. Outstanding." —

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