Non lasciatevi condizionare dal suo modo di apparire un po’ burlesque, Miss Quincy è una a cui piace giocare forte con la sua musica. Suoni ruvidi che trasudano polvere ed energia e per la produzione del suo disco si è affidata alla leggenda del roots & blues canadese Tim Williams. Sono stati utilizzati vecchi amplificatori valvolari per esaltare questo suono sporco e graffiante che è diventato il marchio di fabbrica della giovane songwriter canadese che si era già fatta notare lo scorso anno con l’interessante disco d’esordio Your Mama Don’t Kill Me.

A distanza di un anno esce Lide The Devil Does, un disco dalle tinte forti, anche nel titolo e nei contenuti che rispecchia le due anime di Miss Quincy. “Volevo catturare le atmosfere di un bordello alle 4 del mattino e allo stesso tempo le sensazioni pallide della domenica mattina”.

Dal vivo Miss Quincy si fa accompagnare da una band di tutte ragazze, di “cattive” ragazze, le Showdown, contrabbasso e batteria e una dose smisurata di energia e provocazione. Astenersi i deboli di cuore.



Like The Devil Does, Miss Quincy's second full length album is a moody collection of songs filled with dirty guitar licks, sweet gospel harmonies, swampy grooves, and stories of old time deal breakers. Miss Quincy and producer, Canadian roots & blues legend Tim Williams, set out to create an album with the gritty sound of tube amps, a tight rhythm section, and a band playing live-off-the-floor. Good musicians playing good music, it's the oldest trick in the book. A natural evolution from her debut album Your Mama Don’t Like Me (Folk/Traditional Recording of the Year, 2011 BC Indie Awards), this new record takes Miss Quincy's signature vocal prowess, her love affair with the electric guitar, and songwriting skills into new-found down and dirty territory. Like The Devil Does is both 4am at the whorehouse and the Sunday morning after.

This year also marks the debut of Miss Quincy’s smokin' new band The Showdown. Featuring upright bass and drums, these ladies are armed with attitude, killer musicianship, and are without a doubt the hottest all-girl rhythm section around. Miss Quincy doesn't fit the classic girl singer/songwriter mold and The Showdown isn't your average all-girl band. You won’t find them singing pretty pages out of their diaries, instead you’ll find them getting down and rocking out with raunchy electric roots & blues. Unsuspecting audience members may find themselves suddenly shaking it on the dance floor, shouting out inappropriate comments, and buying the ladies rounds of drinks. Miss Quincy & The Showdown have never played a boring show and never intend to. 

Coming together from the far reaches of BC and Alberta, the band currently calls the road its home. Hitting the highway hard for 8 months of solid touring this year, The Showdown will be joining Miss Quincy for her 3rd tour of the UK and Europe as well as a cross Canada tour that will include many appearances on summer festival stages.   

“A definite star for the future” - Ralph McLean, BBC Radio

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